Affordable Remarketing

Remarketing is crucial for every business. Have your recent website visitors return by using your websites audience (past visitors) to show remarketing ads on other sites and apps using the Google and Facebook Networks.


Why Use Remarketing

Did you know that on average an amazing 90-98% of all traffic that your website generates 'leaves' and is normally lost forever? Remarketing follows them as they browse websites and mobile apps allowing you to re-engage.


How Remarketing Works

Google and Facebook will drop a cookie or pixel on their computer or smartphone when they visit your website. When they visit other sites in the future this cookie/pixel will trigger your remarketing advertisement.


Google Remarketing

Have dynamic image ads follow past website visitors across 3 million Google partner sites such as Youtube, third party sites and mobile apps. A must if you are already using Google Adwords for Search Ads.


Facebook Remarketing

Facebook will serve your slideshow video remarketing ads on Facebook desktop and mobile newsfeeds, Instagram plus third party websites and mobile apps. A Precise Remarketing platform.

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